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Cholesterol is the other major lipid transported in lipoproteins.


It is not used for energy; it is the precursor of steroid hormones and bile acids and is a structural component BANGHO ZERO 1430 cellular membranes. In higher animals, including all mammals, it is transported mainly in the form of cholesteryl esters, which are synthesized in cells or in the plasma BANGHO ZERO 1430 itself. Chylomicrons transport exogenous dietary triglyceride, and VLDLs transport endogenous triglyceride. Chylomicrons are not normally present in postabsorptive plasma after an overnight fast.

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Lipoproteins are lighter than the other plasma proteins because of their high lipid content. This characteristic permits both the operational classification and the ultracentrifugal separation of the different classes of lipoproteins. Each lipoprotein class is heterogeneous in its protein constituents. Nine distinct apolipoproteins have been separated and described. Most BANGHO ZERO 1430 group the apolipoproteins into five families designated apo A, apo B, apo C, apo D, and apo E on the basis of their chemical, immunologic, and metabolic characteristics. A third member of the apo A family, apo A-IV, is a minor component of BANGHO ZERO 1430.


There are two forms of apo B: Apo D is a minor component of HDL. The apolipoproteins serve both structural and functional roles. Some apoproteins are ligands for specific cell BANGHO ZERO 1430 receptors, e. For reviews of lipoprotein structure and metabolism, see Havel and Stanbury et al.

Most major epidemiologic studies have focused on white men, but a few have provided information about women and nonwhites of both sexes. Total Cholesterol Tc TC is BANGHO ZERO 1430 in this chapter as an abbreviation for the total cholesterol in either serum or plasma.

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Although this difference should be considered in comparing the results of studies with one another when numbers of subjects are large and small systematic biases might affect the comparison, it does not affect the major results or conclusions of studies discussed in this report in which serum or plasma is used in analyses of cholesterol. Thus, TC is used interchangeably for both serum and plasma total cholesterol. Until the past decade, TC, rather than lipoprotein cholesterol, was measured in most epidemiologic studies because BANGHO ZERO 1430 methods for measuring lipoprotein cholesterol in large numbers of people were not available.

Therefore, most data on disease risk are based on TC level.


In the Seven Countries Study, investigators studied 16 populations of middle-aged men BANGHO ZERO 1430 in seven countries: Examination methods, laboratory procedures, and quality control procedures were standardized. Similar differences were found some 15 years later for male and female adolescents and adults in the Jerusalem Lipid Research Clinics Prevalence Study Halfon et al. Some of this evidence is reviewed in the report of.

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The results of these various studies, BANGHO ZERO 1430 the studies of migrants, indicate that the differences in mean TC levels among populations are due largely to environmental factors, principally diet, rather than to constitutional factors. Large population differences in mean TC levels have also been observed among children BANGHO ZERO 1430 adolescents; the pattern of variation in these means closely parallels that of the adult values, but at lower absolute values Conference on Blood Lipids in Children, Variation in CHD Rates Among Populations Large differences also exist among populations in the incidence of and mortality from CHD and in the prevalence and severity of atherosclerosis. For example, in the Seven Countries Study, age-standardized, year incidence of first major CHD events myocardial infarction and coronary death among men free of CHD at entry varied from 3 in 1, on Crete to in 1, in eastern Finland Keys, b.

Corresponding figures for year CHD mortality were 0 and 68 in 1, respectively. Differences among populations were noticeable at ages 15 to 24 and marked at ages 25 to With few exceptions, ranking the populations according to extent of raised lesions corresponded closely to ranking them by CHD mortality rate.

The correlations between median BANGHO ZERO 1430 and national CHD death rates for these seven countries at 0, 5, 10, and 15 years after TC was measured were. In the International Atherosclerosis Project, there was a correlation of. These results support the conclusion that variation in CHD rates among populations is determined predominantly by differences in levels of TC.

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