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Philip Dixon B.

Batzer, M. Gleason, and B.

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Weldon, Department of Plant Pathology, P. Dixon, Department of Statis- tics, and F. Nutter, Jr. Evaluation been shown.


For example, benomyl is less of postharvest removal of sooty blotch and flyspeck on apples using sodium hypochlorite, hy- effective against P. Plant Dis. Effective postharvest removal of SB move signs of the ADDI-DATA PA160 FS pathogen, Schizothyrium pomi, and the sooty blotch SB com- and FS on apples could allow growers to plex Peltaster fructicola, Leptodontium elatius, and Geastrumia polystigmatis. Kleenthen brushed and rinsed for 30 s on ADDI-DATA PA160 commercial grading line.

Specialist for industrial measurement and automation - ADDI-DATA

Disease severity Sodium hypochlorite dips can reduce was assessed as percent diseased area using a quantitative rating system, and by counting the populations of Escherichia coli strain number of colonies ADDI-DATA PA160 three mycelial types of SB and ADDI-DATA PA160. Percent diseased area on apples was O Both assessment methods provided formis, and Penicillium expansum on fruits similar results, but the percent-diseased-area method was less labor intensive.

Mycelial types of the sooty ADDI-DATA PA160 and flyspeck fungi were removed differ- by brushing and a fresh water rinse, re- entially by the disinfestant dip treatments. In laboratory trials, the most effective method to elimi- nate E.


H7 from whole apples was a min dip in a solution of Flyspeck FScaused by Schizothyrium insects 4. The fungi of the SB complex hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid pomi Mont. Zygo- have been categorized into various myce- 11,25, Since these materials have phiala jamaicensis E. Masonand the lial types including punctate, ramose, ri- demonstrated value as disinfestants in ap- sooty blotch SB ADDI-DATA PA160, caused ADDI-DATA PA160 at mate, and fuliginous 5,6,9,14, Hodges, Leptodontium elatius G. Man- the fruit Farr 29are sprays is often cost effective for apple efficient assessment methods are needed.

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The SB and southeastern United States, even weekly tration and dip time in sodium hypochlorite FS fungi grow on the epicuticular wax fungicide applications are frequently in- solutions, and in mixtures of hydrogen layer of apples 15,18, No cultivar adequate to completely control these dis- peroxide and peroxyacetic acid, on re- resistance has been reported. Sooty blotch appears as a dark apples produced in the Southeast would be ous SB and FS mycelial types was also smudge-like blemish on the apple surface, affected by SB and FS A preliminary report has been whereas FS resembles fecal spots left ADDI-DATA PA160 Growers in the ADDI-DATA PA160 Midwest usually published 1.

Moreover, late-season fungicide sprays Experiment 1. Furthermore, ber My- apple. Louis, MO.

After disease as- hemisphere with severe SB and FS infec- proximately 2 weeks after petal fall. Mod- sessment, 10 apples per treatment were tions was rated as follows: Rater 1 evaluated replications 1 and and FS or otherwise defective fruit were process. Buffer to achieve chlorine concentrations [Elf Atochem Corp. Paul, chlorine concentrations of,vidual raters were observed. Using an MN] was prepared at ADDI-DATA PA160 ratios or ppm were prepared by incremen- indelible marker, apples were numbered at of Solutions were prepared 30 tank beginning with nonchlorinated well Disease severity data were recorded for min prior to use, and tubs were covered water and increasing chlorine and buffer each side of the apple before and after when not in use.

Apples were placed in concentrations by ppm 0. Before and after ratings were tubs for 7 or 15 min and turned continu- sodium hypochlorite and buffer after each paired for the ADDI-DATA PA160 apple by noting its ously to ensure uniform exposure. Water treatment until the ppm concentration individual number.

ADDI-DATA Network Drivers Download

Two methods of disease controls were placed in nonchlorinated was achieved. With the sophisticated and reliable ADDI-DATA PC boards, your measurement and automation tasks will be a ADDI-DATA PA160 High quality products, well thought-out  Missing: PA ADDI-DATA is your specialist for industrial measurement and automation.

We offer products for data acquisition, motion control, position acquisition, quality  Missing: PA

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