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Lithium ion 6-cell, The body has a black and dark grey layout, not including the replaceable cover which gives a splash of color to the rather bland look.

The trend continues inside the notebook, with the palmrest, trim, and keyboard all black. The sides of the notebook look very clean and uncluttered, with the downside being that few ports exist around the notebook.

Fujitsu LifeBook A Review

It is clear that much of the notebook smacks of unrealized potential, leaving out some desired features that would have cost very little to add. The user-replaceable cover is the main attraction of this notebook and probably the best implementation of one that I have seen. Older designs used by Dell and others looked like something stuck onto the notebook and out of place. It is very tight fitting and the paint quality is very good. Removing the cover takes little effort as long as you grip in the correct place; you could also leave Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension off if you wanted.


Build quality is average — fairly durable plastic trim, although the chassis could have increased rigidity to reduce some flex. The palmrest Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension lower chassis flex inward with a light grip, almost as if the notebook has large sections of open space. The screen cover without Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension colored lid attached gives very mild protection for the LCD, but with a light grip you can still produce ripples on the screen. With the colored lid attached very little protection is added. One feature Fujitsu has offered on some notebooks that we think is strange is a removable dust filter for the processor which is normally large enough to keep coins from moving through the ductwork.

This particular notebook lists the dust filter as a feature, but it appears to be just a flat cover.

Since no other filter piece is included in the accessory box, one idea that this port might serve is better access for an air gun to blast dust away from the inside-out. Display The WXGA glossy panel rates average with comfortable viewing angles and a bright backlight that works in a well lit office Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension. Colors are vibrant and contrast is very nice with the glossy screen surface. The vertical viewing range offers a good sized sweet spot with accurate colors with 10 degrees forward and back before colors start to invert. Horizontal viewing angles are better, but at steeper angles the screen starts to dim and you start seeing reflected surfaces instead of the display.

Fujitsu LifeBook A1110 Review

The screen brightness overcomes the lights in a bright office setting, but outside viewing Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension be limited with the reflective glossy screen. Keyboard and Touchpad The keyboard is easy to type on with a full-size layout and comfortable key spacing. Individual key texture is smooth with a very mild matte finish that gives just enough traction to trigger keyswithout slipping when your fingers get sweaty. Typing is very audible with a springy surface that makes some of the noise echo off the notebook chassis.

This notebook also includes a spill resistant keyboard which will contain water without letting it drip inside and short out components. It is usually much cheaper to replace the keyboard after an accident than try to replace a motherboard which could easily cost more than a new notebook.

The touchpad surface has a matte finish and is painted to match the keyboard bezel and palmrest. The touchpad buttons are Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension and easy to trigger with the side of your thumb without much effort. They have shallow feedback and click loudly when pressed. For day-to-day use, including web browsing, word processing, light gaming or watching movies the system performs very well. Dedicated graphics would have been greatly appreciated on the upgraded model, which would have helped gaming performance and HD movie decoding. The RPM hard drive performed quite well, with very little lag present when opening applications or power cycling the notebook. WPrime is a benchmark similar to Super Pi in that it forces the processor to do intense mathematical calculations, but the difference is this application is multi-threaded and represents dual core processors better.

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Lower numbers indicate Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension performance. Notebook Fujitsu LifeBook A 2. Speakers Speaker performance was below average for a For light music or watching a movie the speakers would work fine, but you really had to switch over to a pair of headphones if the room was less than completely quiet. The USB ports were also mounted in a very awkward position with all three lined up vertically right next to each other.


If you are just plugging cables into the ports it might not be a problem, but some larger USB memory sticks will end up obstructing the nearby ports. While playing a DVD movie with the same settings it worked for 1 hour and 36 minutes, slightly under the average movie length. A larger capacity battery would have helped greatly, but instead this notebook was very Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension dependent.

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Charge times were longer than Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension, with a 16 watt charging rate indicated. Compare this to the watts that most notebooks go by, and Fujitsu LIFEBOOK A1110 System Extension can find yourself topping off slower than you need. Combined with a low capacity battery, this is a recipe for disaster if you have limited access to outlets while traveling. Support & Downloads > Drivers for LifeBook > LifeBook A/A BIOS (For A), v, 2, System Extension Utility, v, 3, Fujitsu LifeBook Panel,MB, Original. Fujitsu Mobility Center,MB, Original. Fujitsu System Extension Driver: FUJ02E3,

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